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Meet Sharon

Dr. Sharon J. Koch, LCSW


Sharon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with wide-ranging experience in the fields of education and counseling. She holds a doctorate from the

University of Hartford in Educational Leadership, as well as a Master of Education degree. She is certified as a school social worker in grades K through 12, and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Master of Social Work degree, majoring in group work. Sharon’s experience as a therapist, educator, and dean in college settings has helped many clients navigate issues such as returning to college as an adult learner, feelings of being overwhelmed, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and situational stressors. Sharon is a strong listener and will seek to partner with clients to identify thought and behavior practices that deprive them of meeting their goals.

Additionally, Sharon has an appreciation for the arts and makes handmade quilts as her personal creative outlet. She respects the mind-body connection and supports nutritional improvements as a key element for feeling better. Sharon is accepting and non-judgmental and will tailor her therapeutic approach so that each individual seeking to reach their goals has an inspired advocate.

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